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What are you thinking about?

I have had a constant battle with my weight loss. Ever since i was a child, I’ve thought that I was overweight. Maybe it was because the other kids would tease me and call me names, maybe it was because my mom would compare me to her weight at whatever age I was at the time. By the way, I would always lose in that comparison. Maybe it was the school nurse who told me in middle school that if I continued to gain 10 lbs every Summer, I would weigh a ton by the time I got out of high school!  

Whatever the reason, I’ve carried those thoughts with me my entire life…strong, self-limiting beliefs about myself! Has this ever happened to you? Whether it’s true or not is not the issue. The negative connotation in your thought process is what is at issue here.

Half the battle in losing weight is in the mind and having the right attitude on the journey! It may not be easy to stop those negative thoughts, but it will be SO worth it! 

If you need some extra support on the way, please follow me here. Remember, together we can do it! 



I was about 3 years old and running away from my mom because she wanted to cut my hair and I didn’t want my hair cut..




A good chart to show hold long your vegetables, fruit and… other stuff would stay fresh for. Brought to you by, a place with a TON of infographics, maybe the biggest on the web. 

[More Health Infographics Here]

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